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Maisie’s Place, Family Care Solutions, is a recently formed not-for-profit agency dedicated to providing in-home, high-quality supported living services to the developmentally disabled.

We are seeking caring, understanding professionals to join the new Maisie’s Place team in supporting the daily living needs of the developmentally disabled who choose to remain at home. Our team is committed to providing these services in a professional and empathetic way that ensures the rights, dignity, and quality of life of our clients.

If you are an experienced care provider who shares our commitment, please review the positions below.  Please apply at if you feel you would like to discuss the opportunity to support our Clients in their goal to remain as independent as possible in an environment where they are in control of their lives and engaged in their communities.

(Required: References and Background Check)


Our basic requirements for all job applicants are the talent and dedication to provide the best possible support for our Clients.  This means you: 

  • Are courteous and professional in appearance and manner.

  • Familiar with computers, word-processing software, email communication, online research, fax machines, and copiers.

  • Able to convey the scope of services available through the program and agency.

  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with exceptional attention to detail, is required.

  • Have good time management skills with strong problem-solving capabilities.


Also, all positions require, to some extent, local travel and use of both personal and company vehicles.  Therefore, all applicants must:  

  • Have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and auto insurance.

  • Have a vehicle in good working condition.

  • Be able to operate all agency vehicles.

  • Complete the Driver's Medication List form indicating all medications currently taken and update this list whenever it changes. Some drugs, prescriptions, and/or over-the-counter medications can affect a person's ability to drive.

  • For any prescription medications which carry a warning label for drowsiness, or caution while driving or operating machinery, a doctor's authorization to operate a vehicle is required.

With these baseline prerequisites in mind, here are the jobs for which we are seeking applicants, and their position-specific requirements.


Supported Living Program Director


The role of the Supported Living Program Director is to ensure seamless team management and maintain program excellence through development, program delivery, quality control and evaluation. The SL Program Director also implements guidelines and procedures with the purpose of ensuring compliance with all regulations, as well as maintaining alignment of the organization’s mission statement.

Supported Living Program Manager


The role of the Supported Living Program Manager is to ensure seamless team management and provide back-up responsibility to all administrative responsibilities (see Supported Living Program Director description above); maintain program excellence through development, program delivery, quality control and evaluation statements.

Community Support Facilitator/Case Manager


The Community Support Facilitator supervises and coordinates the duties of Direct Support Professionals who directly support adults with developmental disabilities to help them accomplish daily living activities at home and/or in the local community, and also helps the individual to be a known and valued member of his/her local community.

Supported Living Services House Manager


The Supported Living Services House Manager supervises, supports and trains Direct Support Professionals in the home, ensuring quality of services provided and the health and safety of the individual served.

Supported Living Specialist


As a Supported Living Specialist, you would provide one-on-one support for adults with developmental disabilities as they interact with their communities. Your goal would be to provide respectful, personal, and motivating services that enable our clients to participate in all aspects of their community, and lead meaningful lives centered around independence and empowerment. You would assist our Supported Living management team in providing the day-to-day support of our clients.

To apply, send resume and references to:

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